The first step to solve a problem is to identify it as a problem. In our daily routines we come across many such small issues which can change with little efforts, awareness or just by altering some habits.

It is said, every bit counts. So, here's our bit that provides a platform for all to represent their views. 'Good India Bad India' - an app that allows you to capture and post photos or videos of either the Good or the Bad side of India.

The App motivates one to BE THE CHANGE. It helps generate awareness about the issues, share opinions and solutions and helps to be a starting point of something good, something useful, something empowering to the last person.

Very user is kept inspired by others to do the best they can to change for the better. One can invite, spread awareness, initiate and leave others inspired by their efforts, to continue the best practice in some other region of India.

Let's join hands and let's make the whole nation aware and responsible for itself and step into the right direction and increase the post in Good side of India.

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